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Pickled Vegetables
1. Roasted Red Peppers
2. Pickled Dill Cucumbers
3. Pickled Rolled Vine Leaves
4. Pickled Rolled Cabbage Leaves
5. Pickled Mixed Vegetable Salat
6. Pickled Hot Peppers
Roasted and Grilled Vegetables
1. Vegetable Spread Luteniza
2. Vegetable Spread Ajvar
3. Gourmet Vegetable Appetizer Pinjur
4. Grilled Zucchini in oil
5. Grilled Eggplant in oil
6. Gourmet Vegetable Spread Kiopoolu
7. Eggplant Appetizer Imam Bayalda
1. Sterilized Champignon Mushrooms
2. Champignon in Oil with Herbs
3. Hot Champignon in Oil
4. Fried Porcini in Oil
Fruit in light syrup
1. Sour Pitted Cherry in Light Syrup
2. White Pitted Cherry in Light Syrup
3. Quince in Light Syrup
4. Strawberry in Light Syrup
5. Apricot in Light Syrup
Fruit in heavy syrup
1. Green Walnuts in Heavy Syrup
2. Green Figs Preserve
3. Sour Cherry in Heavy Syrup
4. White Cherry in Heavy Syrup
5. Wild Flower Honey Extract
6. Pine Extract